Admin Panel: What’s really going on?

by | 10 February 2021

In September 2020, after a brief stint of in-person instruction, the students at Shung Tak Catholic English College in Hong Kong were forced to return to remote learning. The teachers, keen to keep track of their students’ progress through Clarity’s Study Skills Success, logged on to the Admin Panel. With this tool, the teachers were able to identify: students falling behind on work generally; those struggling with certain units; and those who had flown through the content and needed an extra challenge. They were therefore able to intervene and provide help so all the students’ needs were met.

Seeing the full picture of a student’s progress and learning behaviours has always been difficult, but it has been exacerbated with 100% remote learning. The lack of in-person cues, and reduced opportunity for 1:1 conversations have only made the situation worse.

Think about your students for a moment. Have these questions crossed your mind:

  • How much time do your students really spend studying?
  • What are their study habits?
  • Are they night owls? Or are they early birds?
  • Are the resources available actually useful to them?

Jackie Thompson, head of EFL at Rishworth School in the UK, was curious about these questions too. Using Admin Panel, she found out that some of her students were completing their homework at 2am and she was able to speak to them about better study planning. The unique insights from Admin Panel helped to identify unhealthy behaviours that might otherwise go unnoticed.

ClarityEnglish spent much of 2020 updating the old Flash-based Results Manager to the newly-named Admin Panel. The function of this tool is to enable teachers to assign and restrict programs for students, and measure the metrics they need to fully support those students. With the updated interface, this process is clearer and cleaner.

With Flash gone, Clarity has had much more design flexibility. The Admin Panel has a simple user interface. It uses only three panels to add users, set programs or tests, and review usage. With no Flash and no installation, you can expect a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

The main functions you can enjoy from Admin Panel are…

Managing users

Everything is in one place. You can add individual students, entire classes, manage existing groups, and restrict access to your programs. You have full control.

Monitoring usage

Take a look at summaries and insights for any program, for any point in time. You can monitor the subscription usage yearly, monthly, or daily. Use the overviews to compare previous years or compare programs. See whether there have been failures to sign in, and, if so, why.

Generating reports

You will have access to detailed analytics reports for all programs, displaying updates in real time. You can monitor your users’ progress: Who needs help? Which unit is the most difficult for everyone? Which units are completed the quickest?

Setting up tests

Admin Panel is an integrated platform where you can assign Clarity’s General English programs and Dynamic Placement Tests. Set up a test in three simple steps: import users, create and assign a test, view the results — all in one place.

Admin Panel has basic and advanced features teachers can access. You don’t have to use them all to get interesting insights about your students. The teachers at Shung Tak Catholic English College say there is no need to micromanage but having all the data available is beneficial for both teachers and students.

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Dora Tsang, Sales and Marketing Executive, ClarityEnglish

Dora Tsang, Sales and Marketing Executive, ClarityEnglish