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eLearning Forum Asia and Gen Alpha

eLearning Forum Asia was in Hong Kong this year, and the hottest topic was Generation Alpha.

The first Gen Alpha babies were born in 2010, when app was the word of the year. There are plenty of them — each week two million more are born into the rich and dynamic world of cyberspace and social media. We believe that these learners — at least, the ones who have access to technology — will have to multitask more than previous generations, and that exposure to the Internet will make them aware of what society wants them to be: creative, flexible, and good at working with others.

The debate is whether the current educational model will equip Gen Alpha with the skills they need.

In the red corner, British writer George Monbiot gives his view on how education and assessments today are ‘crushing young people’s instinct to learn’, and frustrating teachers. He points to a number of new approaches which may help the new generation learn better, such as student-designed curricula. In the blue corner, some teachers at eLFA found these ideas hopelessly idealistic and impractical. And they pointed out that this is not really a new debate anyway — we’ve heard it all before.

Read George Monbiot’s’ article here.

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