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by | 24 January 2017

ClarityEnglish has teamed up with testing experts telc to develop the Dynamic Placement Test — a brand new CEF placement test that students can run on their own devices. This means that institutions can run online tests without the need to provide access to a computer to each student.

The two publishers have drawn on their combined 70 years of experience in the field to produce the paperless test, which places students in their correct CEF band. Score is fine-tuned using a scale which locates their position within the band.

All together.

Whatever their level, wherever they are… run your CEF placement test on their devices.

‘We wanted to develop a test that is reliable, affordable and accurate,’ said Clarity’s Technical Director Adrian Raper. ‘Education has changed massively in the last 25 years, but test formats haven’t. That’s one reason we chose delivery by mobile: it’s engaging and relevant to students, and it means that there is no heavy hardware requirement for institutions. It also means schools can test pre-arrival, which is something many have asked for.’ What’s more, every student’s work provides anonymised data that dynamically improves the test’s quality.

So, how does it work? First, teachers schedule the test on the Admin Panel on their laptop. Then the system sends out an email prompting test-takers to download an app and informing them when the test will start. At the appointed time the test goes live, and when it finishes the results are sent automatically to the Admin Panel for teachers to sort and export. It’s very easy to use.

Do you need to test students pre-arrival? Would you like to put the chore of marking placements tests behind you? Try out the Dynamic Placement Test. Email me to request a test: info@clarityenglish.com.

Jennifer Sin, ICT Specialist, ClarityEnglish

Jennifer Sin, ICT Specialist, ClarityEnglish


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