Practical Writing now on mobile

by | 22 March 2019

WhatsApp, Facebook, taking notes, emails, writing reviews for restaurants — you probably do all of these on your mobile device. So if you were learning writing skills and subskills, I’m sure you’d find it a bit odd to be asked to do it on paper.

That’s one reason that Clarity is releasing Practical Writing in a mobile-friendly format. Here are some of the other benefits the new version brings:

  1. A complete redesign of user interface with high-resolution graphics and snappier response time
  2. Small but important tweaks in rubrics and instructions to make the program a more intuitive and enjoyable learning experience
  3. No more installation, no more Flash
  4. An interface that runs on all devices: laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile. This means that there is no need for a special app. Usage and score records are all kept in the same place — access them from any device.

Practical Writing now on mobile

Practical Writing V11 will be released on 1st April.

I hope you and your students enjoy the new version. Do get in touch if you’d like to try it out. Meanwhile, there’s a description of the thinking behind Practical Writing in the first link below, and an independent review in the second. The third link takes you to the Practical Writing page on Clarity’s website.

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Practical Writing

Andrew Stokes, Publisher, ClarityEnglish

Andrew Stokes, Publisher, ClarityEnglish


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