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Understanding student activity

Should independent learning be directed, free, or somewhere in between? How much do you need to advise, and how much feedback should you expect? This is partly a question of maximising learning potential for students, and partly a matter of control for teachers — but wherever you stand on the spectrum, there is some information which you really do need to access. At an absolute minimum, you need to know whether the online resources you are paying for are actually being used.

Clarity’s Results Manager is a free component integrated into all our online learning resources. It enables you to view usage statistics of programs as a whole and to see which parts of specific programs are most popular. You might, for example, find that students are spending all their time in the Reading module of Road to IELTS when you think they should really be focusing on Writing. With some licence types you can generate more detailed reports on activities by groups or classes, or by specific students.

I come from a technical background and am very at home with spreadsheets and databases. Twenty-five years of experience in education tell me that many English teachers are not, and can feel a little intimidated. For this reason, I’ve put together a short video to talk you through the main functions of Results Manager. I hope it will convince you that this system is both straightforward to use and useful in assessing both the learning program itself and students’ approach to it.


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