IELTS: What the candidates say

by | 3 May 2022

Road to IELTS runs around five million sessions every year. Candidates work incredibly hard to achieve the band score they need in order to execute their plans for the future. I spoke to one candidate, Gabriela, about her experience of using Road to IELTS.

“My name is Gabriela. I’m from Romania and I live in London.

“In 2021, my ambition was to attend university to learn about dentistry. After looking around for the right course and place for me, I found a course for Dental Hygiene and Therapy. Before I could attend, I needed to take the IELTS test and achieve a band 6 score in order to be accepted to the university. At this point, my English level was about an IELTS band 4 level.

“I had never taken the IELTS test before and I wasn’t really sure how to prepare. I started by trying to learn English from YouTube. After a while, I decided it wasn’t really working for me and started to look for another option. I was introduced to Road to IELTS by a friend and started using it immediately.

“I used Road to IELTS for 5 months (March to July) by myself. I never went to a teaching centre and went through the entire program at home.

“I had no strategy when I began. All I knew was that I was struggling with the reading part so I started there. I just did repeated practice, again and again, making sure I went through all the questions. My first impression of the program was good; it helped me a lot, and the texts I was studying were very interesting and good information.

“After 5 months of using Road to IELTS, I got a band 6 score in my test. It was enough to be accepted by the university. The English course really helped me a lot. The course was very good because I was working at the same time as studying and I could start and stop whenever I wanted.

“I recommend Road IELTS for anyone who doesn’t have much time or wants to learn quickly. I did not have much time to prepare myself for the exam but I still managed to get my place at university by using Road to IELTS.”

Thank you to Gabriela for contributing to this post and sharing her experience.


Katie Stokes, Blog Editor, ClarityEnglish

Katie Stokes, Blog Editor, ClarityEnglish