IELTSPractice: Turn to the experts

by | 19 October 2021

One of our biggest problems is quality control – and to be honest, that’s because we don’t do enough teacher training.‘ The words of a manager in a well-known language centre in Bangkok. The issue was that teachers were pointing students to IELTS websites all over the Internet. Some were good of course, but others were embarrassingly dire… So, how to ensure that your IELTS students are getting the very best the web has to offer?

If you are looking for a trusted resource, try the IELTSPractice blog. The blog is written by British Council IELTS experts, experienced teachers, IELTS examiners, and others who have a wide experience in the field. Crucially, all the posts have been through the full editorial process. Each week test takers get advice on different topics in each of the four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) as well as advice on how to effectively prepare for the test. To see an example, here are five popular posts:

Do share this resource with your IELTS students – and if you let us know what your students need the most help with, we’ll set our experts to work on it!

Katie Stokes, Blog Editor, ClarityEnglish

Katie Stokes, Blog Editor, ClarityEnglish