Getting test takers started with the Dynamic Placement Test

by | 29 August 2018

“But how easy is it to do the test?” This is a question I hear all the time from teachers in Syria. They are concerned that students will struggle to take the test due to:

  1. Fear of doing a test on the computer;
  2. The inability to follow test instructions in English;
  3. An urge to complete the test quickly, so that they panic when they see an unfamiliar question type.

Additionally, some teachers tend to prefer the paper and pencil test they have been using for many years and may be reluctant to learn the functionality of a new online test.

We have addressed the language issue by giving teachers an option to set the test with all the instructions in Arabic. (It’s also available in Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian and other languages.) For the other two issues we have created a video. Test takers can watch this in advance — or perhaps be shown it in class. The video shows, clearly and slowly, exactly how to do each of the question types. The audio is currently in English, but it is easy to translate it into other languages if we find that necessary. Actually, though, it is the graphics rather than the words which are important.

The Dynamic Placement Test has features which other tests don’t have. This video shows how simple it is to run the test, eliminating fear and motivating test takers to do their best and, ultimately, enjoy the experience.

Subramoni Iyer, ELT Consultant

Subramoni Iyer, ELT Consultant