Status of Flash and Clarity programs’ compatibility

by | 9 September 2019

All the main browser suppliers have stated that web page content using Adobe’s Flash Player (Flash) will be supported until the end of 2020. But the ease with which Flash can be enabled is changing, and a few ClarityEnglish programs still rely on Flash — so this is a current status report.

ClarityEnglish programs and Flash

We have converted the following programs so that they do not use Flash at all, instead being based on HTML5 — which also allows you to run them on phones as well as computers.

  • Dynamic Placement Test
  • Study Skills Success
  • Tense Buster
  • Road to IELTS
  • Practical Writing
  • Active Reading will be released within a month, on October 1st 2019

Admin Panel and Results Manager are being totally rewritten. Admin Panel will release in November this year, with Results Manager releases from August 2020, completed by the end of the year.

That leaves Clear Pronunciation 1 and 2. These programs will undergo a major upgrade to use the latest technologies for teaching pronunciation, as well as the Flash replacement, next year.

Browsers and Flash

Each browser can still run ClarityEnglish programs that require Flash, and each has settings that remember your choice so that you don’t have to click buttons every time. But each browser also gives guidance that you are safer with Flash off, such as this image from Edge.

Status of Flash

Users who have always trusted ClarityEnglish can set Flash on just for our website to increase their safety. This Firefox image shows an example.

Status of Flash

Chrome regularly changes the way in which you enable Flash for a site, which keeps us all on our toes! As of September you might need to set the overall Flash setting in chrome://settings to ‘Ask first’.

Status of Flash

Then you can set it for each site:

Status of Flash

Status of Flash

We hope this is straightforward enough. If you need more help on this, contact — we are more than happy to help.

Sky Chan, Product Manager, ClarityEnglish

Sky Chan, Product Manager, ClarityEnglish


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