Can I test 2,000 students before lunch?

by | 1 December 2021

Running placement tests for new students is one of the more tedious tasks at the beginning of the academic year. It traditionally requires time-consuming setup and invigilation by admin staff, hours and hours of marking by teachers — and a delay of at least a week before learners can be assigned to appropriate classes.

Surely technology can enable us to make this process much more efficient? In this 20-minute talk, Clarity’s Technical Director Adrian Raper explains how he used a five-question framework to help a colleague and friend test the English level of a 2,000-student intake. The challenge she set him was to complete the whole process in time for lunch.

The talk focuses on key points which apply to all test setups.
1. Why are you running the test?
2. Where will the test takers be (at school, at home…)?
3. When will the test run and how long will the whole process take?
4. Who will take the test?
5. How will you communicate access and support information to the test takers?

Adrian runs through each stage of the process from planning to support to the sorting of students into classes and the delivery of results certificates. He starts with an early breakfast — watch to the end to see whether he deserves his large lunch.

If you can’t access the video above, try using this link.


Andrew Stokes, Publisher, ClarityEnglish

Andrew Stokes, Publisher, ClarityEnglish