ClarityEnglish and Flash

by | 19 September 2017


Currently, all ClarityEnglish programs, with the exception of the Dynamic Placement Test, are Flash-based. Adobe has announced that it ‘will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020,’ and Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple have all signed up to this end date. It is therefore prudent to assume that there will be situations in which Flash will no longer be viable from January 2021 onwards.

Clarity has adopted the HTML5 technology that will replace the Flash-based programs. It has already been launched in the Dynamic Placement Test, and in December 2017 Study Skills Success will be released in HTML5 format. As well as replacing Flash, HTML5 allows us to deliver more modern interfaces and the possibility of mobile device use.

The schedule for upgrading the Clarity programs to the new infrastructure is as follows:
Study Skills Success, December 2017
Tense Buster, May 2018
Road to IELTS, October 2018
Results Manager & Admin Panel, December 2018
Practical Writing, January 2019
Active Reading, 2019
Clear Pronunciation 1 & 2, 2019

Subscribers to the online versions of these programs will be automatically and seamlessly upgraded on each new release. The move to HTML5 means that Clarity will no longer be able to publish network / CD-Rom versions; the end of Flash support means that we will not be able to guarantee that existing network / CD-Rom programs will continue to run after 2020. However, we will be able to migrate accounts from network to online subscription. We would, where possible, recommend institutions to opt for the online version from now on.

If you have any questions, please email

Adrian Raper, Technical Director, ClarityEnglish

Adrian Raper, Technical Director, ClarityEnglish