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by | 26 April 2023

Sometimes we come across a topic that we can’t fit into one post. There are either too many details to cover or too many important perspectives. So, instead of losing all this interesting information, we have created several series for you to explore. You’ll find everything on our ‘All series’ page. In the meantime here is a quick overview of our current series below.

British Council IELTS

Who better to gather IELTS advice from than our Road to IELTS co-publishers the British Council? We interviewed teachers and course coordinators from four British Council teaching centres to share their best pieces of advice. I hope you will find some of these tips useful for your own classroom.

British Council Education India, Bangalore
– The power of directed independent learning

British Council Hong Kong
– Students’ wants vs students’ needs

British Council Greece
– Training IELTS teachers through webinars

British Council Vietnam
– Preparation is key to success

Getting published

Have you ever had a brilliant idea you wanted to share with the world? Were you immediately stuck on how to get it out there? We interviewed three writers who got their work published in three very different ways.

Self publishing
– Felicity O’Dell walks us through her journey from ideation to publication

Publishing house
– Martin Moore gives an insider’s perspective on how to get published with a big publishing house

Social media
– Fiona Wattam and Simone Braverman have amassed big ELT followings from sharing lessons and tips on social media. Here are their tips for starting out.


The most common question we get from teachers is if they can integrate our programs into their LMS. This series lays out exactly how to do it through a protocol called SCORM.

Clarity and SCORM: Five FAQs
– Lucas Gade of AtlasEnglish takes a closer look at the SCORM integration process

Integrating Clarity programs: What SCORM can do for you
– A list of questions you may consider when integrating ClarityEnglish programs into your course through SCORM

SCORM and Learning Management Systems: The basics
– SCORM can help you make sure your students know exactly what programs are available to them and how to find them

Using ClarityEnglish programs off-site
– Everything you need to run ClarityEnglish programs from home, the bus-stop, the library and the classroom

Clarity at 30

In 2022, ClarityEnglish marked 30 years of designing, creating and publishing English teaching software. This series reflects on changes within EdTech and ideas for the future.

EdTech over time: Partner interview
– Andrew Stokes and Samuel Sheinberg look back on how EdTech has changed over the last 30 years and what we can expect in the future.

Clarity at 30: What’s next?
– Puiyee Chan, Clarity’s Managing Director, lays out the plans for the future.

Thirty years of Clarity
– Reflections from friends on our 30th anniversary.

We hope you enjoy all our series and keep an eye out for more on the horizon.


Katie Stokes, Blog Editor, ClarityEnglish

Katie Stokes, Blog Editor, ClarityEnglish