Should we test all four skills in a placement test?

by | 31 January 2018


Do we need to test all four skills for a placement test to be effective? In the second of a series of short videos, testing expert Laura Edwards looks at the the roles of output and input in language testing.

Sieon Lau, Senior Editor, ClarityEnglish

Sieon Lau, Senior Editor, ClarityEnglish


  1. Dira Rahayu

    Yes, because if we test the four placement test abilities, then we will know the ability of students. For students to be placed in classes that match their abilities.
    In addition, the purpose of this placement test is so that later the school learning process can be carried out properly.

  2. Fitria Wulan Siska

    its very important because Tests for the four skills are provided in separate files, by skill, so that teachers can test students on all skills or administer individual tests in specific skills. The tests can also be used to supplement the multi-choice placement tests that are also provided in the Test Centre, for broader assessment of students’ skills.Guidelines on how to mark the tests are provided at the back of the Life Teacher’s Books and are also available for download along with the tests.

  3. Ayu Suhesti

    Yes, I think we need to test all of four language skill for a placement test such as listening,speaking, reading and also writing. Because the purpose of the placement test itself is to measure how student’s ability of academic english,which is to place a student into a particular level of a languange curriculum, course or institute. Thats why, in order to know whole of the student’s ability we have to test all of them. If not, for example only reading, so the results of the test reading cannot determine how ability students have and cannot represent the ability of listening, speaking and writing. But actually, subject of language skill that we test is depending on the nature of a program and its needs,because every program or institute have different standarization. But mostly in placement test, reading and writing is emphasize, for example course at san fancisco state.

  4. Ines Siska Amelia

    I think, of course we have to test all four skills in the placement test. There are listening, speaking, reading and writing. We must test all of these skills so that we as teachers can know exactly what abilities students have. These four skills are about input and output. These four skills are interrelated. For example, you won’t be able to be a good speaker without listening, and you won’t be able to become a good writer without reading. So these four skills must be tested in a placement test.

  5. Neli Agustina

    A placement test is one of test that we can give a test for students directly, I think in the placement test we can give test for our students to four skills, but it should consider the situation, and we as a teacher make sure that its effective, and prepare it.
    Thank you…

  6. Hesty Prastiningrum

    In my opinion, a placement test should tests all four skills of English, because by testing all skills we know what skills that students can master. So that, we can put the students into the right class, groups or the right major/even university, which is according to the skills he mastered. As we know, the purpose of placement test is to check what the level of the student is, in order to place them into the right class which is based on their level. For example, a student got good score in writing skill in placement test, and it shows tat he is at level B, for example. It means he will enter a class with another students who also good in writing of placement test. So that, they are at the same level. So, I think it is important to test all four skills in placement test, in order to achieve its goal.

    • Hesty Prastiningrum

      In my view, to determine student’s level in placement test, we should test all skills. Because if in placement test we are only testing reading and writing skill, it will be not appropriate with the result. So, all skills should be tested in placement test to determine student’s level in order to place them in the right class.

  7. Hasiyanti

    the purpose of placement test is to take students in the right place based on the talents, interests, abilities, and self-condition of the students so the students do not has any obstacle in following lesson or any material program presented by teachers. teacher should understanding students abilities so the teacher can place students in the teaching and learning situation that is right for them.
    we are also can develop the role of output when producing oral and written that can help the learning process which is the first step to make students smart in listening and also reading.
    students must be grouped with the right people and the most important thing to test is their respective skills that aim so students can understand what they have.
    they will listen to instructions and input so the rest will participate because it is placement.

    • Hasiyanti

      so four skill in placement is not really important


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