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What is a placement test?

Should a placement test include speaking and writing? Is it important that it is adaptive? Does a test-taker have to attempt every question? What, in fact, is a placement test? In the first of a series of 45-second videos that explore this issue, we asked testing expert Laura Edwards to define a placement test.


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  1. Diane Conti says:

    Most definitely there should be speaking and writing for English level or placement testing. Most teaching today is Skills-Based and to omit these 2 vital aspects only shows part of a student’s ability. The objective of studying English is to speak English. Because of restraints in time, most teachers avoid writing, especially the basics of composition format, sentence building, organizing and paragraph building. Speaking and Writing are the production skills – they synthesize grammar and vocabulary usage which tells the teacher what the student has learned and if she can use it correctly and effectively to express themselves.

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