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IELTS preparation: getting students excited

IELTS preparation: getting students excited

How do you get your students started on their IELTS journey? This post outlines a successful 45-minute orientation session.

“Where do I start?”
“I’ve got a month before IELTS. What should I do?”
“Can you help me know how to prepare? Help!”

These are all messages we have received on the Clarity IELTS Facebook page. And there are dozens more like this. IELTS is complex and candidates need orientation not just on the structure and content of the test, but also on strategies for preparing for it.

This is something that institutions can help with — and it needn’t be a lot of work.

Clarity has run a short IELTS orientation course several times over the last few months. The objectives are threefold:

  1. To alert students to the particular challenges of IELTS
  2. To point them to a variety of online support materials
  3. To encourage them to develop informed preparation strategies

The following download includes a brief lesson plan and a worksheet. Please feel free to copy it and use it.

IELTS Preparation resources for candidates



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British Council France: Providing IELTS support for universities, in which Andrew Stokes talked to Tanguy Perrichot on providing IELTS support to universities in France.

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