Integrating Clarity programs: What SCORM can do for you

by | 25 August 2020

In the previous post, I covered the basics of SCORM, a technical standard that makes it easy for educators to integrate resources from a range of publishers into their LMS. The beauty of SCORM is that most of the work is done for you. So, the list below is a compilation of questions you may consider when integrating ClarityEnglish programs into your course through SCORM.

What are the basics?

1. Choosing your program
As some LMSs have rigorous SCORM requirements, it can be difficult to find compatible programs. However, you can use SCORM to integrate all of Clarity’s latest generation (HTML5) programs. These include Road to IELTS, Active Reading, Tense Buster, Study Skills Success, Practical Writing, and Clear Pronunciation 1 and Clear Pronunciation 2 — the whole Clarity suite.

2. Selecting appropriate material
Let’s say your institution has access to Study Skills Success, but you don’t want to use the entire program in your lessons. SCORM allows you to select certain units for your students to work through within the LMS. For example, you may wish to use only the Reading unit. SCORM allows you to import this single unit and restrict your students’ access to only this content. Additionally, your students can begin to work on the content in the lesson and continue the task at home: SCORM creates bookmarks so that when a student revisits the program, they will start right back where they last finished.

3. Ensuring you have the right licence type
SCORM objects are only available for Learner Tracking licenses. This is because SCORM requires programs to have named users for progress tracking features so you can collect all the data and information you need. Make sure this is the license you have purchased with your Clarity programs.

How do I know it works smoothly?

4. Testing Clarity programs in your system
Although SCORM is a standard, different LMSs interpret the requirements differently. It’s therefore important to try out a unit and ensure that it runs on your system. The best first step is to request your Clarity contact (or to send you a demo unit which you can import into your LMS as a SCORM object. This way you can rest assured that the program will operate smoothly in your classroom.

Where do I go for help?

5. Troubleshooting
If you are having trouble accessing your programs from your LMS, experiencing other technical difficulties, or if you have questions of a technical nature, you can contact and your query will be attended to within one working day.

For institutions which use an LMS, SCORM makes the job of integrating Clarity programs into your curriculum much easier. Clarity ensures all programs are up-to-date and compatible. This allows teachers to focus on what is really important in creating a blended learning environment — curating interactive and engaging resources.

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Katie Stokes, Blog Editor, ClarityEnglish

Katie Stokes, Blog Editor, ClarityEnglish